Friday, February 11, 2011

" So long as I'm upright, I have a fighting chance to get things done." (Feeling ill day)

Good afternoon (it doesn't feel so good for me),

This morning I woke up early, It was not out of strong motivation or a sense of duty and activity, but pain. I suddenly had a coughing fit and I had a lot of catarrh (new word I learned) in me. I feel horrid, the pain is mostly in the back of my mouth. I feel tired, I'm coughing with a dry throat and it hurts like hell. I began the day with a morning poop, and then it dawned on me to have a bath, the bath was comforting and it slowly eased to the new day.

As I was upright I thought that I might take the day slowly, this included a spot of halo, watching tv, more halo, masturbating, cooking eating and I think some more eating. As I feel really ill today, I really dont think I can focus on anything such as 'applications' or 'catching up'. I feel terribly tired. There are lots of things that I could carry on with, I cant even go to the gym today. I have been debating it in my mind for some time but I don't think it would work out.

Valentine's day is coming up, ugh. I'd rather not remember. I hope I'm not ill. I get I'll about 1.5 times a year and since it was a bit over a year since I've been unwell, I really should try to focus on recovery. I need more energy. I got my payslip yesterday, the pay was better than december, but that doesn't say much to be honest. I've also sent off my available shifts for March. I can't believe it's come to that time when I have to think of March. I'm still in a 'I can't believe it's February' mood. I have trouble spelling February.

I think I might have a cup of boiling water mixed with lemsip in liquid form. If I have the strength, I might even go outside. I could buy wax, more shampoo and maybe an xbox game. Halo is getting a bit old. Maybe I'll watch skins while recovering. I am 2 episodes behind! Oh the efficient use of my time!

So long as I'm upright, I have a fighting chance to get things done.

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