Tuesday, February 22, 2011

From to-do to doing to done (still listening to Skunk Anansie)

Okay, so, now I've made a todo list (following my blog post), this blog is not so much about being a career writer who makes interesting things and social commentaries, but more someone who has a problem with keeping organised, that last post constituted a to-do list which I integrated into my GCal, and now I've set myself a whole lot of tasks. This is me in a rush, an ordered rush. I have a clear foresight of the things I need to do, and I dont want to rush it, but I do have a tight time frame in which to complete them. The difference between a rush and a tight time frame is the latter tells me what I need to do, and the former I need to think about what I need to do while at the same time stressing over what I need to do or what hasn't been done, and while I'm stressing I realise that I'm not getting anything done because I'm stressing about a list that I am trying to make ad hoc in my mind about what to do.

I feel like Odysseus tying himself to the mast (a Homer reference, there, I've got my literary savvy back)

Back to tying myself up :)

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