Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Ab/chest pains (Radio 4 in the evening)

Good morning evening,

Today is a day of slowness. I woke up after only about 4 hours sleep to go to the gym. I had about an hour long workout. An hour isn't as long as I usually put in, perhaps it was the contributing factors of 4 hours sleep, feeling a little fatigued (probably because I hadn't eaten in a few hours and doing a very intensive ab workout with the trainer. The trainer was really nice, and I think I impressed him with my unfit self pushing myself for him. I have a submissive streak to attractive guys.

I learned about 6 new workouts. Two of which involves someone to act both as a support and a spotter. The other 4 (I hope I can remember them) were very hard for me. They included.

  1. Crunches: half situps but not getting so high up to the sitting position, this means no resting period and makes the workout engage the abs more
  2. Leg something or other workout which involves laying down and lifting my legs up high to give my abs some serious pain
  3. Side workouts which I am not quite sure how to describe: I suppose one could describe it as laying on one's side, on your elbow (kinda) and holding that position while you hold your whole body weight up with your geet on the ground a little bit for support. Alternate version (4.) involves using both arms
After those really intensive ab workouts, I did about 25-30 mins of cardio on the spinner and I focussed on the arm and upper body weights to build on the work I did on them from monday. I find the excercises with the shoulders particularly difficult, and as I got home I found the leg curl especially giving me some pain, which kept me out of action in bed for a few hours after I got home and ate. It's nice to feel my thighs really worked out well however. Green gym is just a completely different vibe by contrast. I went into the sauna for some time after the workout and it was a great comfort to me.

As I got home I saw an episode of Charlie Brooker's latest show and one piece in the show was this, an excellent parody song and I think it reminds me of a certain few people.

I woke up by the time the sun was setting and then I went to tidy up various aspects of the house, which included recycling, doing the dishes, making some food, ironing, putting the clothes away (still haven't completed that yet) and other such little tasks. I also went shopping about in primark today. I bought a sexy little shirt (too little right now), a belt, and a memory foam pillow. Having went to sleep for 3 hours earlier, I attest that the pillow was very comfortable. It's an upgrade from the feather pillow I have currently at least. I hopefully will get some enjoyable frotting from it.

Anyway, I better get back to whatever it is I was supposed to do today. I ate healthily today, I refuse to concede I wasted my day. I tidied up, ironed, cooked a vegetable heavy meal, I even worked out at the gym today. I feel a bit of pain around my abs and my chest at the moment. No gym until saturday I think. Tomorrow is intern day and friday is the interview. I hope life gets better. For now, I need to tidy up the damned house a bit more.

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