Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Pandora is a girl's name

It's been a while since I've made a second post in a single day. I guess I haven't had time to openly procrastinate lately. One thing my counsellor mentioned as an observaion is that a lot of my deep feelings of betrayal are attributed to women. This is clearly when it goes into psychoanalytic territory. But there are precedents I guess:

  • Marie (the first) - I've given her the name of Marie but it was her real name. She was a girl I used to contact, an internet friend if you will. Marie was a finalist at the same time I was and we were both depressed and isolated. Marie studied the same course as I and she even had a lecturer that was in my department. Marie was the first person to see me as a special person after the depression affected me
  • (Unnamed of yet friend) this friend I kinda had feelings for, and then she started seeing someone, a friend of mine. That fucked me over emotionally and was part of the events that led to when I was hospitalised. Was she 'responsible'? I dont know how to answer that.
  • Marie (the second - who I often mean when I say marie) - I mentioned how she fucked me over in a previous post
  • That woman in the support group - again mentioned previously
  • Antonia? She did break my heart, but it wasn't betrayal as such, although when she married that guy and fucked other guys, that kinda was....challenging.
I've opened Pandora's box here haven't I? I don't have many good relationships with women, gender is an issue I hardly acknowledge in this blog. Most of my bosses in my internship or voluntary work or at my actual work were female. A great many people who I dealt with in the job centre were female. Many authority figures I come across are female, I think its a great thing. I don't acknowledge it though. That's normally something which is a non personal set of relationships, professional. I can deal well with women professionally. Personally? Now Im not sure how to answer that. For a blog post that I was just trying to put in to pass the time and space out my tasks, I think I'm digging too deep. but it is a good question for further posts to query upon.

What I wanted to say (which pales compared to the previous issue I just mentioned) was that I've sent off one application (which took bloody ages) and I've managed (after 3 abortive attempts to find a place that would do it) to get my passport photos taken. That was damned long winded!

I kinda hope I have a chance to play halo soon. I'm kind of addicted to halo. Maybe that's part of why I've not got anything done, halo and gym. Strange habits to have. It's better than chinese food and constant wanking I guess.

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