Friday, December 3, 2010

(like everything) Recovery, is slow

Good morning.

I'm awake casually and I see that the snow has ended, or rather it should be said that the snow has stopped increasing for now. I'm going to head off to work soon, this involves a trek to the tube station and then a nice oppurunity to do some reading on the tube. Normally the area around Shambly arena is clear of ice so there's no issue. The shifts seem increasingly less difficult and the passage of time seems less. This shift will be a touch over four hours, if I leave at 10-ish, I'll get there in time (one would hope) and then I'm home before 5pm.

Sounds like a fairly specific day. I hope it goes well. I may go for a sandwich as well. I like when things are direct, non ambiguous. After I get back, perhaps I'll see to getting more applications done, if I have the energy. I'm getting dressed now.

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