Thursday, January 30, 2014

When you have a tangle, you find that there are lots of related problems.

I was going to sell my phone, but the guy said I needed a bank statement.

FORK 1: looking for my recent (within 6 months) bank statement in my paper records - its a mess. Had to turn it all over to find something recent
FORK 2: It's probably a good idea if I set time to archive my bank statement records into a GEN folder and then get rid of the paper records

Related to selling my phone, I asked the guy at CEX if he bought xboxes, he said 'not the white ones'

FORK 3: related to selling my phone, I thought I'd get all my xbox gear together and try selling it
FORK 4: one of the games is stuck in the white xbox, so I'll need to find a way of getting it out
FORK 5: trying to physically open the xbox 360
FORK 6: realising that my second black xbox 360 is not going to be sold so I will have to find some way of getting rid of it. How? I don't know...I'll think about that later.

So I ended up with a bag 2/3rds full of xbox stuff, some DVDs, games, and my mobile phone. I'll attempt to sell it in CEX tomorrow. I then thought about selling my old Sony ereader - I bought it in ---circumstances that are an interesting story to tell, but I think that it is time to let go of it. It was the ereader that I had during the Antonia days...I think the time is right to let it go. My mum is always insisting that I get rid of stuff. So that's what I'm trying to do. I can't believe I have so much junk from the 2000s. Some of these things I thought were beloved possessions, until I got the next one...That ereader meant a lot to me, it was a boone travel companion. The time is right for me to let go of it.

FORK 7: I've been trying to get rid of stuff.


Oh yeah, I should summarise how Wednesday went:

  • Applied to 3 jobs
  • -
  • -
  • Went to gym and did body balance
  • Did cardio beforehand
  • Recieved Extra Shift
  • Replied to event invitation later on in February
  • Spontaneous meetup with my mate who is having a baby
  • Feedly catchup of podcasts (very long overdue!)
  • Explored course options

That's a 10-activity Day. Remember that my 'usual' satisfaction is 3

I think I've earned my sleep...

High anxiety today, high emotions. I'm going to do one more thing then I'm fucking off to bed. 

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