Thursday, January 2, 2014

New year, possibly new hopes?

So today is the official start of 2014 to me. Yesterday was a bit more of a ...hangover to 2013. Not that I was hungover, but I was exceptionally tired after last night and all the accumulating nights before. I feel a bit more rested now.


So...yesterday, I was recovering and I did some minor tasks. I finally finished the book review, I did my monthly report and not much else to be honest. 


Maybe I'll talk about New Years Eve. I went out to a bar in south london. I had a 3 course meal, starters, mains and dessert. I had 2 bottles of wine for £4 - the benefit of sharing a drinks bill is when everyone wants the white. I had a few good chats. On the way home I met a girl who apparently knew my friend. She was really drunk and sad and I would like to think we cheered her up. Later on I facebook'ed her (is that a verb - fuck it, its the 21st century and I'm making history!) and seh facebooked me back. I later perved on her pictures to get her off that weird pedestal that I do with any woman who shows any minor interest in me as a person. She talked about her bulimia when we first met and that shocked me so much I told her that I had mia as well.


Anyway, I'm just writing about this for record's sake. I am drinking a milk-custard smoothie (don't ask) and I went to the GP today. I then encountered a problem with the GP - there's always fucking delays. I am so used to it that I have very low standards. The GP said to me: I know this aspergers thing has been up in the air for a long time now and we want to get to the bottom of it as much as you do. As you know funding is an issue but we are on your side about this. It almost felt assuring from the attractive asian male doctor with a military haircut. Almost.


I'm applying myself to apply to jobs today. First time in a year (got to get those gags out of the way now). I am also feeling kind of positive about the coming year, well I say positive - what I mean is...not negative, yet. 


I'm also thinking of starting a 365 photo project.

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