Monday, January 6, 2014

so I went to CBT today. The doctor said to me that she thinks we should review what we have done so far, and that its the last session. I don't understand her reasons but I think I agreed. I am not sure why we stopped when we did so well last week, but I don't disagree that the sessions have gone on long enough. Anyway, the doctor said something about how she could organise the next stage of my assessment/treatment/help/support, which is not for my anxiety but for aspergers assessment. 

So the state of affairs seems to be this: I've ended CBT now and I am at the stage where I can basically go on my own with the techniques I learned, and I'm very happy to do that. I've been preparing for this for a while now. I can then look forward to thinking about what's the next step. Sorting out my head by myself with CBT, maybe taking beta blockers to help me out, and maybe I can see if I have aspergers (or not have aspergers).

Things I will need to learn:

  • Acknowledge the past, but don't let it define you
  • Acknowledge the future, but stay on the present
  • Keep focussed in the present - don't stretch yourself too much
  • Keep stock of physical anxiety - remember breathing and muscle relaxation exercises
  • Panic attacks are not dangerous

I've done a bit today. I might think about just laying down before heading off to the gym.

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