Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Things I've done on tuesday:

  • Examined course options
  • Bought clothes online
  • Extended online premium service
  • Paid in from Sentinel (includes that 1 week they didn't pay me in october/november [I know, right?])
  • Receieved new tutoring assignment
  • Paid for tutoring assignment
  • essay marking/reading (tutor assignment) x2
  • Sent application through gumtree
  • sent 3 applications through university of london temp service
  • Badminton/gym
This counts as a 12-action day. I usually say 3 is my ideal. I count each job as an action. 

Now to wrap up and think about tomorrow. I might wind down with a bit of telly.

In other news, I'm on this website, tastebuds and messaging this really sweet girl and we chat a lot about music - she's really cool. I am thinking I don't want to push anything as its just nice to have someone to chat to. I am a bit upset after 'dream girl scientist with cat jumper' informed me that she's seeing someone else. 

I'm set to going out with this girl from tastebuds (lets call her administrator with tattoos) Next tuesday, we are going to a BBC recording. 

In other other news:

  • I have a pimple on my bum
  • I am listening to the music of Paul Hindemith
  • I'm going downstairs to eat
  • There's a lot of stories on the guardian about adults who live with their parents (ahem) 

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