Thursday, January 23, 2014

Things I have done today:

  • Entered my working hours in google calendar
  • I'm working at a new site that Shambly corporation has acquired, which means that I'm putting in for two sets of events - so i did that on the calendar 
  • I did some emailing to set time for a day in which I am having to do some 'training' for the new site
Besides that, not much. I'm feeling really drowsy and stupour-ful today. I have to get ready for the gym now. I better get water, kit, kit changes (for 2nd class) and other shit - maybe I'll have a sauna today. 

Feeling really drowsy right now. The weeks pass like water, and I'm pissed. 

Last night...can't remember if I had insomnia...last night I can barely remember. 

Anyway I better get on with shit.

Talk later.

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