Saturday, January 25, 2014

Dear Diary,

I had a panic attack today. My phone has been annoying me to such an extent. Every half an hour I have to delete or purge a memory cache in order to just receive a text message - then it turned out that I kept getting the notification that i had low memory and I just had enough - so I bought a new phone. Then I found out that as I was attempting to update the phone, it had some kind of issue. The phone had a wholesale crash - 4-6 hours later I found a way (really complicated) of how to fix it - then I felt a big armount of relief and didnt even think about the day that I wasted because I chose to buy a cheap phone in december or whenever it was...

I did a little bit today, but Im not happy about spending so much money, when I'm not earning as much to replenish it.

I have to get a new sim card tomorrow. It's apparently going t obe sent in the mail--- hopefully.

Tomorrow is another day, lets hope a better one it shall be.

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