Wednesday, December 11, 2013

two body issues

  1. Lately a couple of people have commented that I lost weight. I usually brush it off. But they say it as a compliment. I find it hurtful that anyone feels its relevant to comment on my body, ironically I spend so much time keeping fit because I want to change the person in front of the mirror.  - but I do it for me, not them
  2. I have had a few upsets with my body lately, my shoulder is acting up on the right side, and also my knee is still giving me trouble, plus I've had throat issues. However in context to compare with the stomach flu and being all flemmy a couple of mornings ago, its really no big deal and I can just jog on 

So today is the last day of work for a long while...I'm a bit scared. On the other hand I will technically have more time to do shit. This reminds me of august all over again. I still feel I haven't gotten over that horrible august situation.

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