Friday, December 13, 2013

Dear Diary,


did a big shop today. spent a fuckload of money. Not too happy about that. 


I got some new powder, it has creatine and other shit. What was weird was that, the woman said it was £60, but if i got a 'gold card' (cost £4) I can get it for £48. Then she said as I was about to buy it, that if I bought a shirt and a shaker with it, it will cost £44 and I was like wtf...then, okay, sure.


I felt really good with that powder, it was like euphoria. It didn't make my brain feel a certain way, it made my body feel full of energy, and that energy translated in my mind with hope and potential for change, and that made me feel happy. 


I have a habit of getting up late lately, from sleeping late. I really should go to bed. I got a few more tasks to finish then I'm off to bed. I'm all spacey today. I felt really good at the gym today, I felt this sense of energy and 'thrust' (want of a better word), and I lasted 2 hours at the gym. 


After gym I saw there was a choir performing at the local pub, so I went in, bought a ginger beer and sat at the table to watch some nice people sing. It felt good, I liked doing something new, I liked combating my anxiety.


I got a shit load of fuck to do tomorrow. I better get it done quickly cos later on in the evening I am supposedly going out to see a friend.

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