Friday, December 6, 2013

Dear Diary,


I thnk that when I have less to do I feel more tired and less motivation to do the things that I have to do (as small the tasks they are).


I don't have my head on lately. I have to use to do lists and follow them mindlessly. Obviously I dont have a head of my own lately .I just want to wank and space out. I have lost my sense of motivation (again) after the recent interview with the Sentinel.


So I'm working tonight, and tomorrow. My lower back feels like shit, my knee is all cut up from tuesday and my thighs are blown out after doing that intensive workout on Wednesday, doing like 100 each of lunges and squats. 


I'm working at the Sunday Sentinel tomorrow, its probably going to be Mandela Mandela Mandela 


I've got shit to get on with now. Wish me luck. I feel so tired.

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