Saturday, December 28, 2013

So today I focussed my attentions on getting shit done. As it happens, I did fairly well.


If I did that more often I'd be in a good place in life. 


Christmas is two holiday days, and I've already had them. Today was a desk day and I made it work. I was thinking to myself about that whole thing about when people say they have to do stuff and they always say how mucht hey have to do, but how much do you see them acting more than talking. Today was one of those days in which I just got on with it. It felt good.


So, a list of things I've done:

  • Annual review of tasks - new years resolutions 2013
  • Set up new years resolutions for 2014
  • Read 2 chapters of book review title
  • (this counts as two)
  • Course searching
  • Archiving
  • Gym
  • Watching Marvel: Agents of Shield while I was
  • ...doing non priority tasks

So that's a 9-activity day. Not bad. I've still got it. 


Hope tomorrow is just as good.



I better go to bed.


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