Saturday, December 7, 2013

Dear Diary,


Got home. I am feeling a bit low. Work was really boring today. Not much went on. I took some calls, that's about it. I asked the administrator to sign my timesheet and she herself was doing crosswords and puzzles and playing some flash games on her computer. 


I saw my former colleague on the other side of the floor. She's so dreamy, she's got lovely hair and big black rimmed glasses and she's friendly and pixie like. Definitely pedestal vision with her. Phrygia told me that her manager (and for a whiel my manager) is leaving. The first thing I thought was, oh, that's sad. But then I heard she's off to australia to recooperate. I think she's had enough of London life, I think she's had enough of wanky pestering sports journalists. 


I am tired as fuck right now. My parents aren't home today. Thinking about what to eat. Maybe I should stick to the basics of keeping house. I have so much to do. 

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