Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Dear diary,


So its christmas day. I'm not feeling it. I gave presents to people, and I ate a bit. I ate a lot today, but compared to tomorrow it's the dress rehearsal. I'm feeling kind of numb today. 


Something fucking annoyed me today. My dad said he got a free antivirus software registered for 5 PC's and I downloaded it but it was absolutely shit because of some code and registry issues, it relied on windows defender/firewall which has been completely stripped of functionality by the previous software i installed on it. Long story short, I just bit the bullet and bought a new firewall and virus software. I can't be doing with this dallying about. That wasted about 7 hours of my day plus the headache of how my dad doesn't want to put any effort in to anything. 


I'm feeling a bit shit right now. I am feeling numb. This isn't as bad as other christmases, but its more lukewarm, like a bath that isn't cold but not exactly comfortable either. It's dull. Kinda like how I felt on antidepressants. 


I'm gonna try and sleep, or something.

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