Friday, December 20, 2013

dear diary,

things I did on thursday:

  • felt exhausted - afternoon gone
  • christmas shopping -mostly packaging
  • body combat class (last one of the year)
  • bought clothes - inc. nice marvel comics t shirt
  • GP appt
  • Booked another GP Appt
  • Job Search
  • Sent 6 applications


Something I'm doing lately is a 'time trial' sort of thing, where I set a timer for tasks which gives me the impression of feeling in a rush, and stresses the importance of my task. 


I'm also thinking a bit about mindfulness. I spent about an hour watching 'jesuit conspiracy theories' on youtube - why? just because I was procrasturbating. Got to be more mindful of my priorities, and not look at machinima/IGN pop culture youtube videos. 


Also I ate a fuckton today. I love my new protein powder, which I shall refer to henceforth as 'my steroids'. 


nearly 4am. better go to bed. I'm playing my DSBM playlist and will wake up to some nice suicidal black metal.

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