Thursday, December 12, 2013

Dear Diary,


Had the last day of work today.


Thinking about money a bit more, and worrying. I'm thinking about Christmas presents and spending. 


Mum says its okay not to get presents for people. My sister knows that I'm working in a shit job(s) and she's a big successful banker/lawyer type. 


Had a long wank just now. I feel kidna in a daze now. I just want to look for snacks. 


So thursday today. That means the great and the good of gym work - might go for the infamous triple session. 


Lots of things to do today. Thursday, this day is the first in a long run. It's my first proper 'desk day' in the sense that I have 100% no fixed obligations so its all on my watch and my control.


Better sleep now. Or eat.

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