Monday, February 8, 2010

retail therapy

After going to see the advisor at the jobcentre, I decided to stay on the bus and go to the high street. I went to the local computer game shop and indulge my possessive muscle; I saw all sorts of things that looked amazing that I wanted to buy. Games consoles, mobile phones, laptops, gadgets of all sorts. I would really like to have a games console. Maybe a nintendo Wii, or perhaps an XBox 360. I want to play the games all the people talk about and spend time enjoying those indulgent and time-wasting games.

On the other hand, I am a different person not having done so, perhaps a more productive one at that.

After the games shop, I went to primark. Yes, I know its evil and endorses poor indians labouring with their children at ridiculous rates. I won't say 'but...', because I am essentially endorsing it by purchasing there. I bought a shirt that was slightly different to my regular look, but I thought I might consider a new look, or at least changing my present one. It has an old-time aesthetic, harking back to the generation of my grandfather. It has a button up top so it can show my chest and chest hair. That has macho factor, and it also looks like my current look so I thought I'd go for it. The shirt was only £2. I might go there again and buy more!

Now, following that, I went to TK Maxx. Gosh, I live in a really chavvy area, I imagine you saying to youselves. Well yes I do but it's my childhood home and I love it all the same. Anyhoo, I bought some fitness gear there for some pretty interesting prices. I got a slimming belt and some ankle/wrist weights. Those will be prospective for when I go jogging, or just general wear. I dont think that the slimming belt helps my belly appearance, but it does at least constrict it and makes it more difficult to move when breathing. The resistance may provide some toning, so the theory goes.

I also bought some weight loss tablets. They are of the same kind when I moved into the house (during limbo year 08-09) that belonged to a previous housemate that I took and tried for myself. I bought it mainly for the quantity, the memory association with the past (I was thin back then), and it was on sale.

Now I've done that retail therapy, I feel quite better. I am now interested in some lunch. Mum's roast dinner remains to be finished fromyesterday!

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