Saturday, January 2, 2010

I'm going to be busy indeed

The days of Christmas laziness have ended, I have decided to go into a higher gear and get some things done, today I have hanged up the clothes that my mum took out of the washing machine while thy have gone out, I have updated my 16-24  rail card, when it comes in to the post I need to update my oyster card so that it accounts for the discounts. i am currently planning my next few weeks which includes the following:

1. Graduate scheme applications
2. Going to see mental health people
3. Going to social event for a certain interest group (that is new to me)
4. Finish belgian phd application proposal
5. Prepare another set of mphil and phd applications
6. prepare book review  for submission (that involves reading the book!)

Given that this is a new year, I have also decided to create new files for my logs; that includes my reading log (using endnote bibliography software) and my music listening log. Today I have been lazily listening to frank harris's biography of oscar wilde while I have been lazily masturbating and snoozing. I got up late but right now I am quite awake and aware, and i am ready to face the new year, keep busy and hopefully, get things done to improve my life. Everything starts here in a sense, in terms of my intentions and my motivation. However, the ball has been rolling for a while in the sense that I have been using GCal for perhaps 2 years now and I have been using logs to record my actions for ages.

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