Friday, January 15, 2010

Date post-mortem (Introducing Jamie)

It went well.

I didn't put my foot in my mouth. There was some awkwardness at the point when we were in the bar/restaurant and a homeless man came into the establishment and was aggressively panhandling me. I mean, what the fuck! The guy comes and says 'hello happy new year, can I have some money?'. I say no, then he keeps saying. Please, please. please, please please please....

It was very aggressive and forward and intimidating. I stayed steadfast, although nervous, and he eventually left. I felt bad, but the more this guy was bothering me, the less likely he was to get any of my money. I felt a bit insecure from that point.

I was nervous during the date. Looking at my date (Let's call her Jamie) right in the eyes was a bit intimidating. I smiled, I saw her smiling at me, and I was there, right before her eyes. My eyes were scared, frightened, nervous, dilated? With some people, like close friends, family, people that you have a rapport with; you can spend times of silence in sociable moments without it being awkward. You can be comfortably silent with someoen you know. With Jamie, I felt nervous; trying to make conversation, small talk.

She was very cute, she's tall, thin, she smelled quite sexy; and I still think she may be a guy. Or maybe, she was born a guy and had some operations. This sounds like I'm being judgmental or self-conscious about it. I have a suspicion that my date may have been born a boy. That's not an insult, I know that she identifies with being 'queer'. Jamie also looked like she might have stubble, or man face hair growth. Jamie also had a deeper voice than I, and hairy arms. Maybe that's just how some girls are; like the lesbians. If she was born a guy, I'll need some time to accept that and get over my hangups, but I'd still be nervous and shy around her, cos she's cute.

The jazz club had some technical malfunctions, the sound system failed at various points, and the flagship song (of the artist's recently released EP) stopped midway on account of the microphone dying throughout a really intensive bridge section. The jazz singer was overshadowed by her multi-instrumentalist partner, despite the former being the main act. I thought that may have been rude. He deserved overshadowing her cos he was a better musician and more charismatic.

Jamie said that she wished there weren't the tables so she could dance. I don't think I would have danced. I dance like a white guy at a club. After the first half of the act, I went to the loo. While at the loo, I stared at the mirror as I took down my trousers while talking to myself. I was talking to myself because I was trying to diffuse my nervousness. I think Jamie was really nervous too. Jamie has cute glasses and is quite stylish, she has this 1930s/punky kind of aesthetic about her.

I felt a bit woozy from not eating anything during the day and then guzzling a half bottle of white. After the gig, I was trying to work out how to get home. When we parted, we had a little cuddle. Well, I say little, but there was a moment when I could feel her and I paused and felt a moment of intimacy and closeness that I've missed for so long. Then we parted. I went home singing to myself "I went out with a girl!" like some giddy 4 year old (now reflecting, I think that was my drunkeness). I had some KFC, and suffered an anxiety attack on the way home

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