Tuesday, March 11, 2014

the day priceland opened

Dear Diary,

Yesterday was the garden meeting. Couple of new people. A really nice lady came along with a project local to us that she was trying to improve outreach for. It was a very noble project and had everything going for it - except the audience and outreach.

Afterwards, I forgot/lost my shorts so couldn't go to the gym.

Today: I'm doing job interview prep. I don't feel fully ready. I am scared to death right now.

I have to go to a nearby supermarket which has opened today to get some mince - also as it has opened just today I get a free cheesecake.

I am feeling really vulnerable right now...this job interview I have today is with Central Government - I gave up an interview with a blue chip company today for this - I had to sacrifice one for the other...I hope I made the right choice. Tomorrow is another interview, not my ideal dream job but it is one that I actually have some innings in - it is for one of the offices of the executive of Shambly Arena (let's call them - Shambly Council).

In other news - things feel a bit cold with Hannah right now. I can't let that bring me down. I've got so much at stake today.

I am off to-somewhere now

Oh yeah, new supermarket - priceland

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