Sunday, March 30, 2014

dear diary,

i realise that when i think through all my years i have been different people. the challenge of looking at myself in the mirror is trying to reconcile all the people i've been.

at work I got some letters. I work in admin at the sentinel, a major international newspaper which has corporate ties and businesses under its trading name in various parts of the world and in industries outside of media (SEO for example) .

I would get these heartfelt messages and phone calls. About teh conservative cuts or some tragedy story...I'd be compassionate and listen to them, but there's nothing I can do in my job to help them. Things like that...due to the confidentiality clause of my job, means I can't say any more than what I've said or any specifics...and some of this stuff morally eats at me. I do believe that what happens at the sentinel is a very special thing and the work is special.

But it drains me...i guess it could be worse for an 8 hour day of work.

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