Saturday, March 8, 2014

Dear Diary,

I feel like I should apologise for not posting. I've done a significant amount in the past at work. I have been in situations wehre I've ended up going somewhere after work (both gym and socially) which put me in a situation of being absolutely shattered as soon as I got home from wherever it was.

I did 2 classes this morning. I tried to do a bit of cleaning this afternoon but then I had a big crash in bed around 2-3pm. Having a few wanks today helped. Got all that spunk out of me. I've been feeling a bit angry lately (possibly related?) and now I am thinking to myself: I've got so much work to do at the house.

Nothing to it but to do it. I'm going to put the oven on and fire up some housework. Just had my bath which helped refresh me.

I'm feeling a bit lonely and sad right now. My parents are away. My good friend/neighbour down the road has gone on hols for about 2 weeks and Hannah is with her other boyfriend. There is something that is fucking irrationally with my head: after work on thursday, a former colleague at sentinel sport was on my train and I was agonising about thoughts about her - will she see me, will we lock eyes? do I want to lock eyes? where is she going? Does she live near me? is she single? - you know, the usual when it comes to an attractive girl who shows interest in me as a person.

Don't mistake these things for anything more than a colleague being nice. lots to do. I have to build Rome in a day.

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