Sunday, March 16, 2014

Dear Diary,

I've had a bit of trouble keeping up with housework--- this makes anything problematic outside of housework. I find it hard to get up with my job searching in particular.

I managed to meet up with the boys this afternoon. Went to the cinema.

I've been listening to this piano piece on repeat today - 'le onde' (the waves) by Ludovici Eunardi. It feels like...a positive piece of music.

I sometimes bond with a piece of music because its sad or aggressive or dark...but I feel like right now I really want to have a piece of music that I want to bond to that is just...none of those things.

I've had 'mia' issues this week (haven't purged) Mia is a personificiation of all the bad stuff in my head.

I'm starting to work in a new personification. A personification of good stuff.  I have a name for him...let's call him Martin for the purposes of this blog. Martin is a man, contrasting to Mia. Martin represents lots of male role models and all the male supportive allies I've had in the, bro, teachers, my piano teacher, who have shown sensitivity and caring and supportive attitudes to me.

In other news. I have been drinking a lot more than I usually do. 2 pints a night.

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