Monday, March 10, 2014

Dear Diary,

I got up late today. It's the first day I got up late in probably 10 days...god it's a horrible and good feeling at the same time.

I quite like getting up early. I kind of have a bit more sympathy with my dad after he retired.

Anyway, I got up today, had a long wank, and now I am catching up on job boards. After that I will be ...actually I've not planned that far ahead. I suppose I need to do the following (I'm thinking aloud):

  • Prep for interview
  • prepare interview responses
  • plan route to interview
  • plan clothes
  • clan what I will pack with me
  • Plan inmterview on wednesday
  • review both application forms
  • review both job descriptions
  • have an understanding of the organisations
  • Have an understanding of the job role

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