Monday, March 3, 2014

First day working at a new department at the Sentinel. When I got to the desk nobody was there. Then a posh man named general reginald forskett-rotherhythe (made up but appeared very posh) greeted me. I then saw a couple of other people. They all had names of months, there was february, janjulie, april, mark, and octavia.

The day was 'fairly quiet' but apparently the woman who was there wanted to slowly get me started before i started to send out these high level emails.

Anyway, while I was working at the sentinel, I was thinking about that interview tomorrow - the all day graduate assessment day at the foremost liberal paper in the world. However I decided against it as it would be mutiny to abandon this ship while I'm on it.

Something did cheer me up today. I actually got an interview invitation next week! It's for a CENTRAL government department doing something very similar to what I do at the Sentinel. I also got an interview invitation for...lets call them the Russell Brand corporation. A friend of mine works there and he says it would be my dream job...if he worked with me.

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