Sunday, March 9, 2014

Dear Diary,

I got up 'late' this sunday morning. I chatted to a nice girl on okcupid last night. She identifies as a 'Catholic' on her profile...but oddly enough that kind of feels assuring to me. Someone from my cultural background is kind of nice.

I saw this really nice girl at the garden today, she's an environmental project manager or some such. She has lovely red hair and she is quietly chatty (juxtaposition I know). She said she will come to the meeting tomorrow as she is 'off season' from playing hockey (she does sports and loves the environment? she's the one! - my mark corrigan thoughts tell me). I sometimes wonder how I appear to other people.

I was playing on my ocarina at the garden today and a woman came along and took pictures of me. Not in a pervy way, she's a journalist and wants to write a story about us. I told her about my experiences and she took some snaps of me. I hope it will be charitable. So I might appear on a magazine and or newspaper looking all sexy. Today I wore my 'dwayne johnson from fast and the furious 5' khaki shorts. I also wore my tactical boots. I felt so sexy in them. I made a slow and long breakfast-lunch thing just earlier. Pancakes with bacon and fried egg - there's still a bit of it left in the oven. I need to do some housework and cleaning and shit today. I made a start earlier but it must continue.

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