Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Dear Diary,

I didn't get the job at shambly. I felt really depressed about that.

I was in bed all day and afternoon until 3pm today.

Then I made a mad rush to tidy up and clean out the house, I did a bit of cooking too. While I was doing that I got an email from Sentinel HR assistant with bad spelling and she asked if I was available for 3 days this week. I said 'no if it starts on wednesday' as I am working tomorrow and it passed the 24 hour mark in which I could appropriately cancel the shift. I felt bad but I also felt it was my duty to stay at the job and not cancel too early. I know its' a massive inconvenience if there's one less event staff there and from the perspective of my boss I know its an annoyance. Don't want to burn a bridge.

So HR lady emails back and says - I've renegotiated and I'll offer you four days starting thursday instead of 3 days starting Wednesday.

4 days of work - I calculate that is the price of 1/4 of the laptop that I want to buy. It's a nice bit of earner to put me off my sense of disappointment about my life, and my nonexistent career.

I'm feeling pretty down about the interviews. But I am up about getting money. an extra £266

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