Friday, October 4, 2013

I aint got time to grieve.

dear diary,


What did I do today?


got up at 10am, did some downloading and catching up on my playlists. Didn't quite get as far with that as I'd like.


Let's make the list of my achievements:


  • Applied to editorial job at Sentinel
  • Body combat class at gym
  • Body attack class at gym
  • Rescheduling items over the next month - involved cancelling CBT appointment and 3 shifts at work
  • I attempted to make the schedule over the next month to account for my working hours over october. So on reflection I'll have 3-4 days of work over the coming weeks, which is nice. 

I think I would never have been in this situation a few months ago. Part of me is thinking: what will the situation be like in the next few months? 


I experienced fatigue today - perhaps due to everything piling up on me and my body forcing me to stop. I rested while putting some eps of breaking bad on the monitor. I felt guilty, guilty because there's so much I need to advance on at the moment, that I had no energy for. I just have to stop sometimes. I set lots of things for me to do, but I can't do them all. 


I've got more to do over the coming days and weeks.


Got to get on it. 

For now, I sleep. I ain't got time to grieve about past octobers. 

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