Monday, October 14, 2013

dear diary,


had a pretty medium level of irritation today. i thought i lost my oyster card so i had to buy a new one. i missed the train and bought a new oyster. later found out that it was under the bed. thanks mum. So now i have a backup oyster? what should I do with that? I'll work something out. It's not too important right now


Because I was stressing out about it I felt like everything else was going wrong. When I got off the tube I went down the wrong end of the platform and then I realised i did the same thing on sunday, and I got lost. I didnt want to get even more late so I turned around and rushed. However I hurried down and my watch scraped against this advert board and then the crown of my watch broke off. I 've got another thing to pay for...I'm pretty pissed at myself but on the other hand I'm just trying to be calm and carrying on with the day.


Except for the day being slightly busy I am managing. Colleagues are being nice and friendly. My day is organised as such (without the emotional and psychological distraction of this morning):


  • work
  • get to the garden meeting and chair it
  • meet guy and have pint with him afterwards
  • maybe read a bit

anxiety is middling today but ...i think I can cope with it. I think. I am so annoyed at having to spend so much money all the time just to make things work. I might get a new atch after this. That watch I have is sentimental. 

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