Tuesday, October 1, 2013

dear diary,


having my laptop screen fucked means i can't masturbate in the prone position. This has meant I have to use the 'traditional' method...which I don't like so much. This will have to do until I have a new computer situation.


I like having my lamps because it gives me notifications about when I need to leave the house. I can get fully immersed in my various tasks without having to worry about forgetting anything. 


I can't do too much today as it is a short day, and after badminton I get tired. However I think that I've done a fair amount today. I've called my old uni about the aspergers stuff and I've called to book an appointment with the GP. I've also don a bit of archiving, playlisting and I've done my monthly review of tasks and activities for september. I've got a new function on my computer that puts screenshots immediately into a folder in dropbox, highly useful.



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