Monday, October 14, 2013

dear diary,


I don't have time to summarise my week. I could try to summarise the day:

  • Went to work, sunday rates, oh yeahhh
  • Quiet at work, so I did some desk day tasks - I applied to a job
  • did some job searching
  • Caught up on blogging
  • Caught up on feedly

So that's like 5 things already

I got home, warmed down with some comedy and reading sunday newspapers (Sentinel, naturally). I then relaxed a bit and had two wanks. After midnight I planned a broad reading schedule for the book that I'm going to review. It is an interesting one, kind of related to feminism and LGBT rights. It's got a title that will get some attention if I'm reading it on the tube. I hope nobody thumps me for it. I'm working later this week with a Christian homophobe so maybe not take it for then. 

I had a vodka and orange tonight. I think (falsely) that it will put my mind at ease and it does make my brain operate in a more relaxed way. Tomorrow it's full on again. Work, chairing a committee meeting, and then forced socialisation with an older man - i hope he doesn't rub his penis between my thighs.

In other news - Activist girl has been messaging me a lot. I must admit I have feelings for her. I have also been possibly facebook stalking her for a while...which is bad. Both things which mean I cannot ever have a relationship with her. Not least I'm the wrong gender for her. It is nice to have a friend, an internet friend...I think we have a lot in common. I feel something for her, and she seems to message me a bit. I think I started it. She's doing a masters in activism, and I send her activist-y type journals and articles. 


I do that for friends, send them academic articles that I think they might like. Earlier in the day I sent off articles on mathematical logic. 

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