Friday, October 11, 2013

errand day

Dear Diary,


Just starting to realise how broke I am - I am going to owe my parents money that I'll pay them back after I get paid. I'll have to pay back the money into my savings account, and the overdraft.


Fuck - i'd consider it lucky that I'll have £0 in my account, fuck you negative numbers. 


Anyway I have to make an expense right now that will put me more into debt.


In other news I have gotten a call through to the disability services at my old uni and they said they will look into my records, then email me a copy of everything they have on me. Of course that's what they said last time. Do I have a reason to believe them? Who rucking knows.


Anyway, I move on to the future. However rainy and shit it is. 


Got another errand to do today. I hope I can find time for gym later on. 


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