Thursday, November 20, 2014

Dear Diary,

Instead of being wanky and literary and always trying to put in a preamble to everything I do, like i'm writing a blog posts. I might just say directly the things on my mind in a way a journal that only I was meant to read might write. I won't do this allt he time. but the motivation of this is because I have a lot going on and I want to just condense what I'm thinking in as few words as possible.

I'll start now:

  • My payroll issue at shambly has been resolved - will get paid those two shifts next week that I wasn't paid.
  • Worried about december work - which leads to january and febuary pay.
  • Invited to interview at Bank of England next week. 
  • Today is my endgame in terms of prep for the civil service interview
  • i should eat at some point * 
  • I'm scheduling the next few days ---
    • I'm asking myself why I'm doing this right now. I think that one reason is so that I keep organised and feel motivated to do them in a timely fashion
    • Another reason is because I have too much to think aboutt with the interviews so it might be better to just automate my process to google keep so that I don't think about it.

* add this to my to do list

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