Thursday, November 27, 2014

Dear Diary,

After the assessment centre on tuesday (I shouldn't have said where it was - prob didn't get in anyway), I became quite ill on tuesday evening. I had an overdrive production of mucus (this is more disgusting than when I talk about my wanking habits) and I felt like I was simultaneously drowning and suffocating.

Basically most of wednesday was written off, for the sole fact that I was unwell. This time it wasn't about the coughing, my tonsils hurt like fuck and my mucus was a different colour. The kind of colour where my body's trying to kill a bug in my system.

I got a little bit of stuff done yesterday, all things considered, an impressive amount for being ill. I was doing some leisurely reading, listening to music/podcasts (passive things) and I caught up on the latest tv shows that I watch.

In other news on the interview front. However I have received possibly 6 weeks of cover at the Sentinel. Apparently when HR woman didn't reply it was because she was yet to confirm the particulars about the cover.

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