Tuesday, November 4, 2014

After work yesterday I crashed to bed, I ate a bit, watched tv, wanked, went to bed again. Head in a daze.

Woke up today, had a wank. Didn't think about much. Then some emails were coming in that I had to respond to:

  • Shambly arena: shift times changed: can you still do it?
  • Interview invitation: the Conservative charity foundation (not their real name) 
  • Phone call: I've been invited to an interview, when? Tomorrow? what!! Also, the agency (who are very helpful) invited me to an interview coaching session
I've had a bite to eat. I need to make some decisions now:

  • N eed to cancel a shift next week (because day is too long)
  • need to plan for interview
  • need to decide about interview tomorrow
  • need to decide (when I'm emailed) about going to interview coahcing right now. 

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