Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Dear Diary,

I'm preparing to go to work, earlier than usual.

I'm not feeling so good today. Mum said something that upset me and it's the shit that sticks that really hurts. They don't value what I do or believe in. A lot of people don't value the things I do. I thought that I reconciled with that.

On a similar note I was watching a documentary last night called 'one man metal' which interviewed these one man bands and they dealt with really dark themes and a couple of them did in fact have really dark and sad lives. I could relate to those guys a lot, perhaps in ways I would prefer not to relate to them about. In particular one of the guys, scott conner, seemed to have a lot of demons and things that he was very...unwilling to talk about.

I think we all have something like that. I certainly do.

I better get ready for work.

In other news: I am going to do more reading of that textbook. In addition I sent off a job application that caused me a lot of anxiety. Kind of a relief to do so. However now, I've got to look at the next few steps ahead. I need to sort out that book reading.

Anyway. I'm off.

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