Monday, April 7, 2014

the party

last night (saturday night) there was a party that I went to.. people from the discussion group were there but most of the other people I didn't know. So what happened was that at the start of the party I was't very good at mingling and then later on in the night i started talking to more and more people and then it turned out that one guy (let's call him 'psychiatrist man') brought his fancy expensive guitar and he jammed in front of a fire. I brought up that I had my clarinet  other musical instrument along.

We played a lot and it turned out that I felt quite popular, and people wanted me to sit with them in the circle. Instead I sat outisde the circle and played for my own personal indulgence. I was harmonising and I feel it is a very fun exercise.

I had a lot of chats, various mingling. I was offered weed (declined) and I made my way home. Sunday was a hangover and I went to the cinema. I've been on my feet doing something or other this weekend...I guess this is what living life should be.

In my week review I have not done as many 'new' situations as I have in past weeks. Perhaps related fact is that I haven't been at work this week. Next week is a similar situation

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