Sunday, April 13, 2014

Dear Diary,

Since about maybe Thursday I've been trying to get rid of about 300 starred blog and other items on feedly. I've just finished it an hour ago. I also found that they have gotten rid of an unusual bug on feedly.

Reading those blogs is quite therapeutic for me. Having those blogs on my backlog (b-log, if you will) has been a bit of a burden on my mind. Have you ever had that kind of thing that is a niggling task that you just ignore? The feedly blog is one of them. The spunk stains on my bedroom wall are another, the receipts in the box next to my desk is another, the broken laptop that I can't afford to replace is yet another.

I guess when you list them like that I did the most minor one. Well I say minor, many of the minor tasks on the backlog are the ones that don't get done. Because they are minor.

I did other things today. I did a double gym session and I did some tv catchup.

Now its 1am and I aim to go to bed.

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