Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Dear Diary,

This tuesday, I did a fair amount today.

I'm glad.

I just hope that wednesday is the same.

I just looked at my working hours for April. Looks like I have only 2 shifts. That's desperately bad. One would hope that I more or do better. It's up to me right now and in these days to make it better...I envisage the interviews, finding opportunities for myself and bettering my status quo.

I've got a lot to fight this month. And realising that makes me realise that I have a lot to fight for. I need to fight for my life, even if it isn't as successful or cool as my friends.

It's 20 past midnight and I feel like it's 3am or something I might spend the rest of tonight working on my magazines and comics. The irony of last week (and the week before) is that I had no time to do anything. Now I'm getting more done and according to my calendar I don't have enough to do (I bet that's inaccurate, though).


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