Friday, April 11, 2014

Not feeling well at the moment.

My head feels...jumbled. I feel a stupour. I've attempted to get stuff done this thursday but I ended up sleeping/resting in the evening as a way of trying to recover.

Yesterday (wednesday) I did some tutoring, I was walking through clapham (an area I don't know so well particularly) and the heat was quite strong for me. I sweated a bit but more it was making me expire more energy to keep it all together. Then I walked a bit to the discussion group in a nearby south london location.

According to mapmyrun, I walked nearly 7 miles yesterday.

Today (thursday), i did a big job search, applied to a job, checked my bank balance (money, woohoo). Then I started feeling...dizzy, depressed, unmotivated.

I'm trying to keep motivated at the moment. Spent since about 9pm reading magazines on my tablet.

Things are feeling a bit hard at the moment. I feel like there's less to fight for and less chance of success in my life. I feel like there's less hope for me and I can't win this fight for life.

I had some triggers lately...

perhaps it might be a good idea to talk about them. but at the moment, they feel very strong and very sore.

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