Tuesday, April 22, 2014

etude tableaux

When I was 17 i attempted this piece
It was a demon to me
It represented all of my flaws

I could never master it

I decided to give up on the piece and it represented my absolute limit
Realising my absolute limit had an impact on my mind in other aspects of my life
I believed that seeing the end of the horizon of my life that there was no where else to go
No other barriers to beat
As such I lived without bothering to push myself to that extreme

I did push myself
but never with a sense of inner conviction
That feeling of disappointment and limitation perpetuated itself

Today I challenged that thought
Today I looked at that d minor etude again
Looking at it again I challenged that boundary I put on myself

Yes it’s hard,
but I can’t give up
I’m still 17 in my mind, still trying to defeat this piece
Still sitting in front of my rickety old piano
Trying to resolve those inner demons
Trying to face that inner doubt
Trying to push my boundaries again

Like Icarus flying to the sun

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