Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Dear Diary,

I've just had a chat with 'the activist' girl on skype. She really opens me up and makes me kind of emotional about things...but in a good way. It's 2am (ish) now and I should go to bed. Here's a summary of my day this tuesday

  1. Did tutoring assignment
  2. got paid for tutoring assignment
  3. garden stuff
  4. applied glue to piano (necessary task)
  5. Archiving
  6. Job searching
  7. Piano practice
  8. post-badminton dinner
  9. sent off event shifts
  10. tv catchup
  11. badminton
An 11 activity day - I didn't even account for those 2 malta's that I had. God I love malta, it is like if maltesers were a drink.

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