Monday, September 22, 2014

Dear Diary,

I bought a tablet computer identical to the old one to replace it with the various flaws that the old one had (wear and tear/abusing it). It came in on saturday. I feel a big sense of relief. I've bought a new laptop, coming in later this coming week.

I have an interview coming up too. It's hanging over my head for various reasons. I'm worried about money, the future, career etc. It would be so damned good if I had this  I can't jinx this interview. I really want this job.

A while back I talked about the coffee stirrers. Well, I've nearly ran out of them.

Am I a different person from when I started that weird ritual? Yes, yes I am. It's no big epiphany. Instead I am always trying to improve my efficiency.

My sunday was like a desk day. I have also developed a recent ability to not let things linger and try to solve problems when I can. It doesn't mean its' immediately, but it does mean that I do try and get things done without leaving things to linger...except for piano practice.

I'm going to have a new laptop with my new tablet. It will be like a big overhall. On I have set up a list of 'aspirational' things to buy.

After the laptop, there really aren't too many big achievable purchases. Any bigger than the laptop includes the saxophone, and moving out.

I just hope I'm really good this week. I do my work, push myself, and swallow some eggs.

I think life for me lately is all about swallowing eggs, doing the hard stuff I don't want to do. But I have to.

Anyway, I have my week review to do and after that I'm gonna sleep.

I only slept 2-3 hours after I came home on saturday night/sunday morning.


(p.s. I must say despite being in a rush and feeling nonplussed about everything, things are actually quite good. I have a non-monogamous relationship and hope.

Welcome Autumn)

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