Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Back in 2006 I had a day when I felt so depressed and I wouldn't get out of bed unless out of forcing myself.

There was a day when my DSA computer and assistive technologies came in. I was over the moon. In fact, some of the stuff still is part of my inventory today.

Today was a similar kind of joy. At 8am on tuesday a woman from the post office rang the bell. I had my computer come in. My new MSI computer (or computrons as I call it with Hannah).

Some other things that happened today:

  • Job interview
  • Attempted to change topology of my desk
  • Installing programs into new computer
  • Purchased birthday gift for neighbour
  • BIrthday dinner for neighbour
  • Badminton
  • Purchased new antivirus
  • (received laptop)
  • Spirometer readings
  • Anxiety
A lot happening today. I feel like I sailed through it. I feel like things are actually happening. I am working off the momentum that I set for myself when Iwas working back in august/early september.

I just really now need to push on and ...keep things going. Keep things moving. Keep my life moving. 

I'm kinda chuffed that I got my new computer, new tablet.

Not so chuffed that I spent a fuckton of money.

I'm not exactly going to get a lot of money over october.

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