Friday, September 19, 2014

came back from work today (nice to have paid work)

I had an anger trigger. I was looking over the event today and we normally do 30 min stints and people relieve whoever is supervising. I wasn't relieved for 45 minutes and I was getting angry because I wanted to go to the canteen and get fish and chips. I felt like it was a treat for me and I love fish and chips, plus it helps me feel centered and in control to co-ordinate when I can eat nice dinnners instead of losing control and eating snack food.

However because they took 45 mins I was getting angry and I was upset with myself because of how  Iwas so dependent on those fish and chips in the canteen to make me feel good and they denied me that and I didn't awant anything else, not even fish and chips for m another place. I felt so tempted to purge because of that.

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