Friday, October 7, 2011

Silence in the afternoon (of my own thoughts)

Dear diary,


After a few productive and arguably trouble-free days, I feel a bit of an emotional crash today. I'm back to square one emotionally, physically it feels that way, and in terms of my life and prospects and how things have usually been over the past couple of years, I'm very much back to where I was again. No sign of progress.


So today, I could do as I usually do and find some way to pick everything up and not only complete all of my tasks, but also push on forward with the rest of my week and create some semblance of productivity. Or I could just laze about. Right now I feel like just sitting up would be a plus. I could think about all the platitudes that I think about when I feel down: start where you are, or 'justkeepmoving justkeepmoving' from 'Nemo. My uncle died on monday, and I've given a little bit of thought and processing about it, but not very much. Perhaps today as I go through the day, I may ponder. I mainly seem to be living lives through other people's eyes, but never my own. That should change.

I think that today will be alright. I still have a chance to rectify things.

As I say so often: onwards!

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