Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Lunch break blog post

Dear Diary,

I had a wobbly yesterday. I think its fair to say that I'm a different person today than I was last night. My deeper feelings come out in unlikely triggers. Today I've been following up on small and niggly tasks: I looked up some postgrad oppurtunities, I have also emailed a couple of people from choir practice to help them look for jobs (I'm strangely very nice in my real life social persona). I just recieved an email about an upcoming stag party as well.

I have to say, in my limited experience as an adult. I fucking, love boys nights out. I have only been to one stag do in my experience, and that was horrible, but as I'm getting older as a man, I really appreciate the camaderie of being around other men, having a laugh and meeting new people. I get that from airsofting with my friends, and with this guy who is getting married, I only know a few of his friends, one of which is my brother, he's also marrying into my family, which is nice.

I need to apply to a lot more jobs. I have thankfully cleared a fuckload of tasks over the past few days. This is what one would call, the quiet weeks: no interviews, no social occaisions, not even very much work. I will have to make the most of my time, and yesterday wasn't a great example of this. I was a bit tired and sore so I couldn't go to pilates if I was being level headed with my body, since rest is very important.

I'm blogging to take a little break. I uninstalled skyrim from my computer, I have become far too tired of the glitches to continue playing, I'll open up my heart to a new game. It's good time since Mass Effect 3 is coming out. I'm such a whore for consumerism. Speaking of which, I had some down time yesterday and I watched some phone shop (my sister recommends it), and I saw Thor, and an episode of skins. Let's just say that the episode of skins was very emotional. It was really dark and I was totally surprised at how mature the plot development became.

Maybe I'll try to blog more of my feelings and thoughts through this blog. I know that I've put emotional things on the back burner lately, I've been feeling and experiencing a lot, and I have barely posted much of it. I'm getting really self conscious that I'm not a 'young man' anymore, and I'm starting to feel more comfortable in my skin, in some ways. It helps to exercise and work through these feelings. I don't think its all good about some of the feelings I tap into, however.


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